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New England Comic Con 2011 Cancelled?

Wizard World’s New England Comic Con was originally scheduled for the weekend of September 17th-18th, 2011. However, their website at now says the event will be held in October 2012. There is no mention of 2011’s event, nor is there any explanation of what’s going on. The ticket sales page at still lists the 2011 dates (or at least it did as of the time that this post was written), but also says “Tickets are no longer available to this event.” If Wizard World releases an official statement I’ll pass it along; for now I’d say things are not looking good.

My Little Pony Fair and Convention

Further proof that there’s a convention for everything: Hasbro is having an official “My Little Pony Fair and Convention” July 8th and 9th at Hasbro headquarters in Pawtucket, RI. There will be two days of contests, discussions, shopping, and general fun. The website at has more information.

[Tip via Lucretia of The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew]

Zombie Kickball VI

Portland, ME’s annual Zombie Kickball game returns at on Sunday, June 26th! The undead will lurch around the field from noon to 4:00pm. has all the gory details.

Zombie Kickball 2010

Portland, ME’s annual Halloween zombie kickball game will rise from the grave on October 10th at 1:00pm. Players will shamble across the field and attempt to play the game without losing too many rotten limbs. See pictures and video at which has all the gory details for you.

Naked Girls Reading: Science Friction

The Boston Babydolls burlesque troupe has an ongoing performance series called “Naked Girls Reading,” in which lovely ladies read to the audience while wearing distractingly little. On September 18th at midnight, they’ll be reading science fiction tales at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA:

This month’s salon features nude nerds from near and far, reading selections from their favorite works of Science Fiction! From Douglas Adams to Ray Bradbury to Isaac Asimov to Jules Verne, these ladies will take you with them on a fantastic (naked) voyage! Whether you prefer “Trek” or “Wars”, the heavenly bodies of The Naked Girls Reading will put stars in your eyes and words in your ears.

Hosted by Miss Mina of The Boston Babydolls (voted “Best Dance Troupe (Sexy)” in The Boston Phoenix’s 2010 Reader’s Poll), this literary salon with nothing to hide features some of our regular readers and introducing the newest Naked Girl, Dalya du Sunshine!

This is an 18+ event. Visit and for more information.

Karaokon 2010

Karaokon is a one day anime/karaoke convention that will be storming the stage on May 8th in Boston, MA. The main event is a karaoke competition, but there will also be musical performers and vendors. For details go to; if you are on Facebook you can also visit (which sadly doesn’t appear to be accessible to nonmembers).

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