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Jonathan Coulton Concerts

Popular geek singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton, known for his songs about such topics as zombies (“Re: Your Brains”), mad scientists (“Skullcrusher Mountain”), and computer programmers (“Code Monkey”), will be performing two concerts in the area:

I can tell you from personal experience that the Somerville Theatre has already sold out of its allotment of tickets; they advised me to order from Ticketmonster Ticketmaster or to try the box office at the Orpheum Theater in Boston (near the Park Street T station). I was able to buy a ticket from the Orpheum today for only $1 over the ticket price of $25; they said the show had been selling well. If you order online from Ticketmoron Ticketmaster, you will be charged $11.25 in additional fees. I can’t tell you anything about the availability of tickets for the Northampton show other than that the theater’s online purchase fees seem quite reasonable (they don’t use Ticketmugger Ticketmaster).

Learn more about the artist at

May the Fourth Be With You!

Yes, it’s a terrible pun. I don’t care. Happy Star Wars Day!

ADMIN: Hey, It’s Been a Year Already!

Actually, it’s been slightly more than a year — the first post for this blog went up on September 16th, 2008. Thanks for reading! 😀

ADMIN: Off to WorldCon!

I’m headed to Montreal for WorldCon starting tomorrow! I’ll be checking email, but I may not post to the blog for a few days. Bye!

My Birthday Wish List!

It’s my birthday! 😀 Oh, you want to give me something? How sweet! May I suggest:

  • Tell a friend about this blog! More readers would be very welcome.
  • Tell me about a good source of event information! I tend to get my information by watching other blogs, signing up for the mailing lists of various bookstores and theatres, etc. I especially need to make sure I’m finding out about events outside of Massachusetts — I don’t want to miss anything. What do you suggest?

Thanks, loyal readers! We will now return to this blog’s irregularly scheduled programming.

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