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Boston Bit Fest

Fans of classic video arcade games are invited to the Boston Bit Fest on December 11th:

Are you a bad enough dude or dudette to rescue the President? Find out at Bit Fest – a festival celebrating the halcyon days of the corner arcade and home video game consoles!

The festival features original arcade cabinets (you bring the cash, we supply the quarters!) as well as classic bit filled video game consoles to play your old favorites and overlooked oddities.

You want more? We have more! Bit Fest has featured vendor booths with Boston’s best local retailers that cater to collectors and neophytes alike; you can test your knowledge against an opponent on the Video Game Trivia Show, challenge a friend to spin the Wheel of Worst Fighting Games Ever, and much more.

Crazy-good prizes a’plenty, open to all, and no ticket required. There’s literally no reason why you can’t be there on December 11th, 7 PM at Aeronaut Brewing Co!

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AnonyCon 2014

The gaming convention AnonyCon returns to Stamford, CT the weekend of December 5th-7th. Gamers of all types will gather to enjoy a wide variety of tabletop, live-action, board and card games. Note that some games require advance registration. Get more information at

Head-Banging, Dice-Rolling, and Summoning Demons

Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA invites you to join them on November 25th at 7:00pm for “Head-Banging, Dice-Rolling, and Summoning Demons: A Talk about Rock, Dungeons & Dragons, the Occult, and Philosophy”:

How does Led Zeppelin connect to Gary Gygax? Can rock and roll be a religion? Is the Dungeon Master’s guide a holy text? Other than that weird kid who taught you how to play D&D in middle school, is anyone actually chaotic evil? Join three writers and gamers — Christopher Robichaud (, editor of Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy; Peter Bebergal (, author of Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll; and Ethan Gilsdorf ( author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks — for a free-ranging discussion about rock, D&D, the occult, philosophy, dungeonmastery, morality, soul craft, and spiritually. We’ll probably talk about the Satan Panic of the 1980s, too, and try to decode that mysterious art on Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy. Followed by a Q&A and book signing with the authors.

See for more details.

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014

The Boston Festival of Indie Games will be held on September 13th at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games celebrates independent game development in New England and neighboring regions. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment for everybody who enjoys and appreciates games in whatever shape or form. The festival seeks to support and showcase the efforts of independent game developers, as well as youth programs focused on game development and related fields. We encourage attendees of our annual festival to participate and play games in different formats: video games, location-based games, tabletop games and more. The games featured at the annual festival are innovative and refreshing, demonstrating both the budding and the established talent of game makers in the American northeast. The Boston Festival of Indie Games is a registered non-profit with the State of Massachusetts, dedicated to fostering the next generation of game developers. Through youth and small-business outreach initiatives culminating in the yearly festival, the Boston Festival of Indie Games strives to strengthen the game development industry of New England.

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CaptainCon 2014

CaptainCon is a gaming convention with a focus on tabletop miniatures games, board games, and card games that will be held in Taunton, MA the weekend of July 25th-27th.

We feature around-the-clock gaming (literally, 24-hour access to the convention space including tournaments that start at midnight) with a mix of competitive organized play and casual gaming. Our signature Captain’s Log system rewards attendees for participating in events with points that they can use for prizes in our Treasure Chest of game products – players earn points for playing in tournaments, enjoying a pickup game with new friends using something from our board game library, or even just spending time in our hobby area painting their miniatures.

Learn more at

[Tip via Paul of the New England Privateers]

JiffyCon West 2014

JiffyCon is a one-day mini role-playing convention next being held in Amherst, MA on June 21st.

JiffyCon is a one day mini role-playing convention held in Massachusetts (sometimes eastern MA, sometimes western MA). Focusing on small-press, independently published and story-oriented games, JiffyCon is a whole day devoted to nothing but having fun playing games!

Snacks and beverages will be provided. Local game designers and authors will be on hand to run and play their games.

Visit to learn more.

ConnCon 2014

ConnCon, a gaming convention, will take place March 14th-16th in Stamford, CT. The event includes board games, card games, roleplaying games, and miniatures. See for more details.

Open Gaming Convention 2014

The next Open Gaming Convention will be held in Nashua, NH the weekend of July 25th-27th.

OGC is an annual gaming convention whose goal is to have fun, play exciting and imaginative games for all. Every year we bring over 100 role playing, miniature, and board games to the Courtyard Marriott in Nashua, NH. We are just over the border from Massachusetts, about 30 minutes from Boston.

Visit to learn more.

Green Mountain Gamers MEGA Spring Meltdown 2014

The Green Mountain Gamers of Fairlee, VT will be hosting their next “MEGA Spring Meltdown” game day on April 12th. Board games and roleplaying games will be available; feel free to bring your own games as well. See for more information.

Econocon XVII/2014

The Plymouth State University Gaming Club will be hosting EconoCon XVII, a gaming convention, in Plymouth, NH the weekend of April 5th and 6th. The theme for this year is “8-Bit/Classic Video Gaming”. See to learn more.

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