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Otakuthon 2011

The Otakuthon anime convention will return to Montreal, Quebec (within reach of northern New England) the weekend of August 12th-14th. Guests of honor include voice actors, artists, cosplayers, and more. Get the details at

Otakuthon 2010

Otakuthon, an anime convention, will be held in Montreal, Quebec (within reach of northern New England) the weekend of August 13-15, 2010. Find out more at

Otakuthon 2009

Otakuthon 2009, an anime convention, will be held in Montreal, Quebec (within reach of northern New England) the weekend of July 31st-August 2nd. For more information visit

World Science Fiction Convention Offers “Taster” Memberships

Anticipation, the World Science Fiction Convention being held in Montreal August 6th-10th, has announced that a trial or “Taster” membership will be available. The short summary is that if you are curious about the convention but not sure it’s worth it, you can buy a single-day membership, and if you decide you don’t like the convention, return to the registration desk within 3 hours and you’ll get a refund of most of the ticket’s cost. For a complete description of how the offer works visit

Can’t Stop the Serenity: Ottawa

A while back I mentioned that one option for catching a “Can’t Stop the Serenity” event would be to head to Ottawa, Ontario, if that’s closer to you than Boston. The Ottawa Browncoats have at last set a date: Sunday, June 21st at 3:30pm. For details visit

Montreal Comic-Con(s)

Readers in the northern part of New England can cross over into Canada and visit the Montreal Comic-Con on Sunday, June 7th. If that doesn’t work out, there’s another event planned for the weekend of Saturday, September 19th and Sunday the 20th. For details see

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Hugo Award Nominations

The Hugo Awards are awarded each year to recognize excellence in science fiction and fantasy. They are given out at the World Science Fiction Convention, which will be held in Montreal in 2009. (See for the initial posting about “Anticipation,” the 2009 WorldCon.)

Nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards are now being accepted. In order to nominate something for one of the Hugo categories, you must be a member of the 2009 WorldCon, or have been a member of the 2008 WorldCon. You do not have to purchase a full membership in order to nominate or vote for the Hugos; you only need a “Supporting Membership,” which lets you vote but does not actually get you into the convention. A supporting membership may be upgraded to full membership if you decide to attend WorldCon after all.

The deadline to purchase your membership in time to participate in the nomination process is January 31st, 2009. You have until the end of February to actually submit your nominations.

For more information about the Hugo Awards, visit For more information about the 2009 WorldCon, visit

Anticipation (67th World Science Fiction Convention)

Anticipation is the name of the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), and it will be held in Montréal, Quebec, Canada (just north of New England) from August 6th to 10th, 2009. According to

Worldcon is thousands of people from all over the world who gather for a large variety of activities and events. In addition to our featured guests, it is more than 500 authors, editors, artists and creators of all kind who spend five days interacting with the other members. It’s panels, workshops, exhibits, events and activities of all kinds for those who love science fiction and fantasy. In short, it is the place to be in August 2009 if you are a fan of science fiction.

The guest list is as follows:
Neil Gaiman – Guest of Honour
Élisabeth Vonarburg – Invitée d’honneur
Ralph Bakshi – Artist Guest of Honour
Taral Wayne – Fan Guest of Honour
Tom Doherty – Publisher Guest of Honour
David Hartwell – Editor Guest of Honour
Julie Czerneda – Master of Ceremonies

Registration is now open; rates will go up on January 1st.

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Con*Cept Convention in Montreal

Con*Cept is a fan-run science-fiction and fantasy convention being held in Montreal, Quebec, which is geographically within reach of fans living in northern New England. The convention will be held October 17-19. Guests of honour are authors David Brin and Yves Meynard, actress Samantha Ferris, filker Peggi Warner-Lalonde, and physicist Stephane Dumas.

For more information, visit and select to read the site in English or Français.

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