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Anime Boston 2013

Anime Boston, “Boston’s Best Nerd Gathering” according to The Boston Phoenix, returns to Boston, MA the weekend of May 24-26. Guests announced so far are voice actors Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, and Kari Wahlgren. There will be vendors, costumes, videos, karaoke, panels, artists, and more. Visit to get more details and watch for more guest announcements.

Quinni-Con 2013

Quinni-Con is a free anime convention being held at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT the weekend of April 20-21. Although the event is free, pre-registration is requested. Voice actor Chris Cason will be the guest. Learn more at

Bakuretsu Con 2012

Bakuretsu Con is an anime convention that will be held the weekend of November 9-11 in Colchester, VT, and it will feature panels, contests, gaming, art, and of course cosplay. The guests will be voice actor Terri Doty, musician Matthew Myers, webcomic creator Michael “Mookie” Terracciano, anime expert Patrick Delahanty, and fanfilm maker Scott Melzer. For details visit

Castles in the Sky: Miyazaki, Takahata, and the Masters of Studio Ghibli

The Brattle Theatre in Cambrige, MA, will present a repertory series called “Castles in the Sky: Miyazaki, Takahata, and the Masters of Studio Ghibli” featuring films from the famous Studio Ghibli such as Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. The series will run from August 31st to September 13th; for a complete schedule of showtimes visit

CampAnime 2012

Go enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with fellow anime fans! CampAnime will entertain you with indoor and outdoor events the weekend of September 7-9 at the Camp Woodstock Conference and Retreat facility in Woodstock Valley, CT. Like a regular convention there will be guests, vendors, contests, dances, etc.; you can attend just during the day or you can also pay for lodging and food at the campsite. Visit to learn more, and be sure to pack your sunscreen.

[Tip from Jessa of Good To Be a Geek]

Another Anime Convention 2012

Another Anime Convention is, as you might expect, an anime convention being held in Manchester, NH the weekend of October 19-21. There will be panels, contests, gaming, costuming, dancing, video screenings, vendors, artists, and a variety of special guests. Visit to get all the details.

BAMCon 2012

BAMCon is the Berkshire Anime and Manga Convention, a new convention, and it will be held May 4-6 in Pittsfield, MA. The event features guests, panel discussions, contests, vendors and artists, music, and of course lots of costuming. Learn more at

Nauticon 2012

Nauticon is a convention for adults over 21 years old scheduled for May 18-20, 2012 in Provincetown, MA. What’s it all about?

Nauticon is primarily an Anime Convention, as many of the staff are hard core anime fans, and come from a wide variety of anime convention backgrounds, most notably Anime Boston, AAC, Bakuretsucon, Connecticon, and Otakon. And PAC is definitely the forerunner to Nauticon as many of us staffed or attended PAC and we do not want the dream of a 21+ convention to die.

Second, even though Nauticon is primarily an anime convention, we also want the flexibility to offer our attendees programming choices that may not be strictly anime, but that they might find appropriate or entertaining. Especially as some of our staff come from mixed media conventions such as Arisia. So we want even non anime fans to feel that Nauticon may have something to offer them, since at it’s heart, Nauticon is a giant 3 day party where you can kick back, relax and have fun with your friends.

Third, Nauticon is a re-imagining of the con experience, a “boiling down” if you will, of what makes cons fun to those over the age of 21. So to that end, you may not see some of the things traditionally associated with conventions. It really is going to be Not A Con as you know it. We are going for some real creative, outside the box thinking on this one.

Finally, in the end, Nauticon will be very much what you make of it. If you want to spend the weekend partying, getting drunk and cutting loose, you can do that. Or, conversely if you want to spend the a weekend sitting on the beach, sipping mai-tais and relaxing with a few close friends, well you can do that too!

See the Nauticon website at to find out more about this event.

New England Anime Society at First Night Boston

Back by popular demand, the New England Anime Society will once again run a marathon of anime selections during Boston’s First Night celebrations on December 31st. An exact schedule has not been posted yet, but you can keep an eye on for details.

Quinni-Con 2012

Quinni-Con is a free anime convention being run by the Quinnipiac University Anime Club in Hamden, CT the weekend of April 28-29. The guest of honor will be actress and voice artist Lisle Wilkerson.

Quinni-Con is a celebration of art, film, food, music, dance, and Japanese culture. There are many different events at the convention that range from a café to movie screenings and guest speakers to dances. The whole purpose of the convention is to bring people of all ages together to have a great time, make friends, and try something different!

Learn more at

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