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Nauticon 2014

Nauticon is a general-nerd-interest convention for adults over 21 years old scheduled for May 2-4 in Provincetown, MA.

Nauticon is a re-imagining of the con experience, a “boiling down” if you will, of what makes cons fun to those over the age of 21. So to that end, you may not see some of the things traditionally associated with conventions.

It really IS Not-A-Con as you know it.

We go for real OUT OF THE BOX thinking on this one.

The Artist Colony is a place where you won’t see anything you could find at a store in your area, we’re going for creators and craftsmen.
The Panels will always be of a nature where the first words out of a presenter’s mouth won’t be, “Are there any children in the audience?” ‘Cause there won’t be.
The Events and Entertainments will be a little naughty, but not nasty, a place for you to have a good time and perhaps make a new friend who shares your nerdy.

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Nauticon 2013

Nauticon is a general-nerd-interest convention for adults over 21 years old scheduled for September 13-15 in Provincetown, MA.

It is an intimate gathering of no more than 900 fans and friends who want to talk about their favorite nerdy things. And want to learn more about their favorite nerdy things, and maybe find something else that’s interesting too. There are entertainments specifically designed to get people gathered together over something that they can talk about, from Boat Trips around Cape Cod Harbor, to attending a Luau on the hotel grounds and beach, from cupcake wars to bacon vs. spam panels, to costume shows and drag queen make-up tips. Behind our panels fun names are diverse, educational and timely subject matters presented by panelists who are educated or experts in their fandom. Nauticon aims to bring panels to our attendees that they cannot find anywhere else. We have food pairings or whiskey, rum and other tastings that tantalize the taste buds and educate the palette. This year, who knows? But we bring in both fans and pros who can provide that kind of information and vibe that make this a weekend long event.

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Geeky Kink Event: New England 2013

The Geeky Kink Event, originally founded in New Jersey, has spun off a New England incarnation. This convention for adult geeks will be held in Warwick, RI the weekend of August 16th-18th. The “Perv of Honor” will be writer and publisher Cecilia Tan. See to learn more.

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