The purpose of this blog is to fulfill a need for the geeks of New England: a single source of information about upcoming conventions, movie marathons, and other events of interest to science fiction and fantasy fans.

Click on the “Event Calendar” tab to see what’s on the calendar so far, or search the blog using the categories, key words, or search box in the right hand margin.

If you have an event to submit to the calendar, please click on the “Send In Your Information” link for details.

“New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events” is a privately run blog that is not affiliated with any particular event or organization. All of the event listings are based on the information provided by the event organizers; errors are their responsibility, not mine. Just because the blog lists an event in the calendar does not mean that I endorse it, promise that it will be any good, or have any personal experience with it.

“New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events” reserves the sole right to decide which events will be listed in the calendar.

Always visit the original website for an event in order to confirm the details about the event. The “New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events” blog is not responsible for errors in listings or changes to or cancellations of events listed in the calendar.

Who Runs This Blog?
Hi, I’m Melissa. This is a one-person project so far, but I have a number of friends who help keep me informed. I don’t get paid for this! I started the blog because I wished that something like it existed, but it didn’t, so I had to make it happen.

Where Does The Information Come From?
Mostly I watch other blogs, subscribe to the newsletters of various theaters and bookstores, and read newspapers. I go to science fiction conventions on occasion, and those are good places to pick up flyers about other events and organizations. I also have friends who send me tips, and on occasion event organizers have contacted me.

What Gets Listed?
Whatever I want to list! I do focus on the six New England states, but I will sometimes list big events happening over the border in NY, NJ or Canada; my general rule is that the farther outside of New England the event is, the bigger it needs to be. I also like to see something special in an event; for example, a random showing of a movie that’s already available on DVD is no big deal, but a movie with an expert introduction or an accompanying sing-along becomes something noteworthy.

Do You Get Paid?
Nope! I don’t get paid, I don’t take advertising, and I don’t accept gifts in return for listing an event.

Can I Leave a Comment?
Sure! However, I do moderate the comments, because sadly the number of spam comments this blog receives far exceeds the number of real comments. Also, please note that if you are reading this blog’s RSS feed via LiveJournal or Facebook, I do NOT see any comments that you leave on those versions of the blog, and in any case those sites do not keep an archive of older posts. Come back to the original website to leave permanent comments.

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