Thrill the World 2009

On Saturday, October 24th, fans of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” around the world will attempt to set a world record for the most people doing the Thriller zombie dance at the same time. You’ll join a local group, learn the dance, and then if you’re in the Eastern time zone you’ll be doing the dance at 8:30pm; people in other parts of the world will be dancing at the same time in their local time zones (which means some people will be zombiedancing in the wee hours of the morning). According to, public “Thrill the World” groups have been established for the following New England locations:

Note: The main website also lists events in New Haven, CT and Boston, MA, but the individual websites for those events have been deleted. I don’t think they’re actually going to happen any more.

It’s quite possible that more locations will be added, and of course you could always start an event of your own! Watch for more information and also to review a complete set of instructional videos so you can learn to dance with your fellow undead.

[Tip via the Davis Square LiveJournal community]

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