Fantastic Vermont at the Burlington Book Festival

Geek Mountain State will be hosting a panel at the Burlington Book Festival titled “Fantastic Vermont: Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror In The Green Mountains” at 3:30 pm on September 21st.

Vermont has a long history of fantastic literature, from Rudyard Kipling to H.P. Lovecraft. Under the surface, the state is home to a number of genre authors and has been used as a location for more than a couple of genre stories. In this panel, representatives from Geek Mountain State will examine just what makes Vermont special and how it and New England are particularly ripe with fantastic stories. Andrew Liptak will moderate.

There are also a number of authors scheduled to attend who write in genre, including F. Brett Cox (co-editor of Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic), Andrew Liptak (editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction and of Geek Mountain State), Brian Staveley (author of Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne) and Kristin Dearborn (author of the horror novel Trinity).

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