Lovecraft’s Unnamable Tales

Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA will be hosting a live performance of four H.P. Lovecraft tales by the Flat Earth Theatre on February 15th at 8:00pm.

Flat Earth Theatre premiers the new live radio staging Lovecraft’s Unnamable Tales: An evening of indescribable horrors

Newly adapted by Flat Earth’s A. Lehrmitt, Lovecraft’s Unnamable Tales presents radio play variations of four of Lovecraft’s short stories that exemplify the horror of something unknown. Set in the legendary city of Arkham and focusing on the classic Lovecraftian short story The Unnamable, the story is that of two intellectuals defining the undefinable. The two revisit the tales Hypnos, exploring a fantastic world that exists solely in our dreams; From Beyond, delving into an extrasensory dimension full of unheardof monsters; and The Statement of Randolph Carter, seeking the unexplainable in the dark of night. That which we cannot see can harm us, and that which we do not understand could destroy all of reality.

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