LI-CON 2014

LI-CON is a brand-new fan-run convention, run by the organization behind the long-running I-CON convention. It will be held March 29th and 30th in Rockville Centre, NY. Guests are author Jody Lynn Nye, author and game designer Bill Fawcett, author Paul Barnett (aka John Grant), and scientist John Rennie.

If you have ever been to a “con” you know what LI-CON is. Here you will find people, movies, games, dealers, and assorted weirdness. You’ll also find science, science fiction, fantasy, monsters, and parties. There’s a lot packed in here.

LI-CON I is perfect to be your first convention–it’s our first LI-CON. Also we have a good variety of different things going on, from panel discussions to random hallway conversations, and everyone from your high school classmate you haven’t seen in years to writers, actors, artists, and scientists. There are lots of interesting people to talk to.

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