LeetUp 2012

LeetUp describes itself as “the world’s first live nerd culture carnival.” The event is on tour with dates around the country, and the carnival will arrive in Boston on October 4th. The host is Kevin Pereira, former co-host of G4’s “Attack of the Show!”

leetUP is hosted by the very handsome Kevin Pereira, who lords over the evening. An evening that includes:

ON-STAGE antics like:
– LIVE PODCASTING – with geeky celebs and interweb stars
– LIVE MUSIC – with resident performer Mike Relm, local DJs and a few special jam sessions with Kevin Pereira
– Audience Participation Competitions

And OFF-STAGE, it’s like Comic-Con, with:
– Tech Demos
– Old-School Videogame Arcade
– Cosplay
– Photo Playsets
– Geeky Art Stations
– Free Stuff!
– Dragons!
…and more!

Each leetUP is rather unique to each city. Guest lineups will vary, as we like to keep the conversations fresh. Keep checking back for future announcements, as we’re continuously booking new talent and sponsors.

See http://leetup.com/ to learn more.

[Tip via Convention Scene]

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