What’s Coming Up in March

Oops, March got started without me. Still there’s lots left to do!

Remember that March 14th, 3.14, will be Pi Day! Be sure to have some tasty pi! Any kind of pi is fine — pizza pi, apple pi, whatever pi you like. Mmmm, &#960.

March 16-18: ConnCon 2012
March 31: MythBusters Live Tour

March 2-4: Intercon
March 4: Lord of the Rings Marathon
March 4: “Heroes in Our Midst” Comics Artists
March 5: Actor Appearance: Viggo Mortensen
March 15: Author Appearance: Caitlin R. Kiernan
March 16-18: Vericon 2012
March 16: Opening date of “Futurity: A Musical by The Lisps”
March 17: Author Appearance: Jennifer Pelland
March 18: Artist Appearance: Paul Ryan
March 22: Author Appearance: Amanda Downum
March 30: Author Appearance: Tobias Buckell and Myke Cole
March 30-April 1: ConBust 2012

March 24: Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair

New York:
March 30-April 1: I-CON 31

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