Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair

On March 24th the Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair will be held in Winooski, VT.

This first-ever annual Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair is a celebration of alternative publishing in Vermont. The fair is open to DIY ‘zine makers, illustrators, comic artists, book artists, graphic novelists, independent publishers of every type.

The fair is organized using the highly successful model of Montreal’s Expozine. Since 2002, Expozine has introduced thousands of people each year to alternative publishing. Their annual event, which takes place the last weekend of November in Montreal, helps “the public discover the multitude of local publications that fall outside the mainstream. It’s also become a place where the small press community and local writers and artists make new connections and plan future collaborations. The event attracts thousands of visitors eager to purchase material they might not find elsewhere.” In using this model, organizers of the Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair hope to create similar enthusiasm in Vermont’s creative community.

Visit to learn more.

[Tip via Geek Mountain State]

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