What’s Coming Up in February

What bizarro alternate universe have we entered in which one can walk around comfortably in a light jacket in New England in fracking JANUARY? Where is the snow? The universe has gone wrong somehow.

In better news, geeky things are on the way! Here’s what’s on the schedule so far for February.

Feb 4: Artist Apperance: Andy Kubert

Feb 4: Unity Games 18
Feb 4: Author Appearance: Joe Mulvey
Feb 10-20: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon
Feb 11-12: JiffyCon Live-Action Game Weekend
Feb 17-19: Boskone 2012
Feb 23-26: TotalCon 2012
Feb 23: Author Appearance: Kim Harrison
Feb 26: Author Appearance: James Kakalios

New Hampshire
Feb 18: Queen City Kamikaze 2012

Rhode Island
Feb 3-5: TempleCon

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