Pi-Con 2011

The next Pi-Con science fiction convention will be held the weekend of August 26-28, 2011 in Enfield, CT. The Author Guest of Honor will be Jo Walton; the Science Guest of Honor will be Dr. Pamela Gay of AstronomyCast (among other projects and affiliations); and the Guest of Awesome will be Trisha Wooldridge.

Pi-Con is a diverse collection of geeks. Our members are fans of books, movies, gaming, webcomics and print comics, tech and gadgetry, costuming, anime, and music. You’ll find people who are into steampunk, space opera, vampires, ren faires, superheroes, and dozens of other genres in various combinations. This year we’re proud to be expanding our offerings to include a strong science track (including a science guest of honor!) . We’ll still be including all the best parts of previous Pi-Cons; you can discuss your favorite topics in panels and meetups, play tabletop games from our extensive library, see a show or two, and party until you can’t stay awake anymore.

Watch http://www.pi-con.org/ for information as it develops.

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