Aeternitas 2011

Registration is open for Aeternitas 2011, a Harry Potter convention presented by the Greater Boston Area Harry Potter Social Group (HP-MA) the weekend of April 28-May 1, 2011 in Laconia, NH.

Four days of pure fandom magic await you at Aeternitas. Being held just months before the last Potter film is released, Aeternitas is a conference focused on the continued life of our fandom. Our theme for the weekend is magic is forever. We believe that the friendship and family found in our fandom is forever. This conference is meant to celebrate that.

Aeternitas is like past and present Harry Potter conferences in many ways. It follows the Thursday through Sunday schedule. It consists of formal academic programming during the day, and has evening events like wizard rock shows and a formal ball like other conferences.

However, you will find that Aeternitas also differs from the other conferences in many ways. Aeternitas will be an intimate conference with a maximum of 500 attendees. By the end of the weekend we hope you will recognize the faces of all of the other attendees and feel a true sense of community.

Since registration is limited to 500, best to get your membership purchased soon. For more information visit and

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