What’s Coming Up in August

First of all, I have some news for you Facebook junkies: now you can have the posts from this blog show up on your Facebook news feed! Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-England-Science-Fiction-and-Fantasy-Events/139619329383173 or search for “New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events”. If you Like the page, new posts will show up in the news feed shortly after I post them. The posts will appear to be written by “RSS Graffiti”; that’s the application I’m using to catch the feed. Note that if I post more than one entry in an evening, which I often do, you may see one post and then a message saying “See 1 more post from RSS Graffiti” which you’ll need to click on to see everything.

Note that the official calendar will still reside on http://nescifievents.org/. I don’t intend to create Facebook events for anything, as I believe that should be up to the actual event organizers.

You can also continue to subscribe by email, RSS feed, and LiveJournal — that’s not changing.

Anyway, on to the list of what I currently have in the calendar for August:

July 31-August 1: Midsummer Magick Faire
August 20–22: 5Pi-Con

July 31-August 1: Paranormal/Psychic Faire

August 1: Author Appearance: Tom Sniegoski
August 16: Author Appearance: Larry Doyle

New Hampshire:
August 19: Author Appearance: Tom Sniegoski and Christopher Golden (Note that Nate Kenyon was originally listed for this event as well, but the bookstore website isn’t listing his name any more, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.)
August 25: Author Appearance: Kate Kaynak

Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
August 13–15: Otakuthon 2010

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