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What’s Coming Up in March

Oops, March got started without me. Still there’s lots left to do!

Remember that March 14th, 3.14, will be Pi Day! Be sure to have some tasty pi! Any kind of pi is fine — pizza pi, apple pi, whatever pi you like. Mmmm, &#960.

March 16-18: ConnCon 2012
March 31: MythBusters Live Tour

March 2-4: Intercon
March 4: Lord of the Rings Marathon
March 4: “Heroes in Our Midst” Comics Artists
March 5: Actor Appearance: Viggo Mortensen
March 15: Author Appearance: Caitlin R. Kiernan
March 16-18: Vericon 2012
March 16: Opening date of “Futurity: A Musical by The Lisps”
March 17: Author Appearance: Jennifer Pelland
March 18: Artist Appearance: Paul Ryan
March 22: Author Appearance: Amanda Downum
March 30: Author Appearance: Tobias Buckell and Myke Cole
March 30-April 1: ConBust 2012

March 24: Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair

New York:
March 30-April 1: I-CON 31

I-CON 31

I-CON will celebrate its 31st year the weekend of March 30th-April 1st, 2012 on the campus of Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY. New guests are constantly being announced; so far they include author David Weber and actor Sylvester McCoy of “Doctor Who.”

Attended by over 6,000 people each year, I-CON is a three day festival, designed to encourage literacy, creativity and interest in science and technology through science fiction and its related genres. Programming at I-CON spans a wide range of topics and interests, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic books, Japanese animation (otherwise known as Anime), medieval reenactment, science and technology.

Guest speakers are invited from around the world to share their experiences in their fields, information about any new or upcoming projects and their insights into the genre with their fans. Over the course of the convention, guests typically will participate in panel discussions, give workshops and demonstrations, sign autographs, and interact with their fans on a one on one basis in such venues as the Award Banquet. With so much to offer, I-CON is able to appeal to a diverse audience, including college students, senior citizens and families with young children.

Watch for a complete guest list and more details about the event.

What’s Happening in October

Oops. Once again I’m a little late with the monthly roundup (but of course you all know that you can always check the calendar at

My excuse this time: I’m running the 2011 Browncoat Ball, a shiny social weekend for fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefy and Serenity October 21-23 in Providence, RI, and it has ever so slightly eaten my brain. It’s going to be a mighty fine shindig, so come dancing with us!

Here’s what else is on tap this month:

Oct. 8-10, 15-16: Connecticut Renaissance Faire
Oct. 14-16: Furfright

Oct. 20, 27-30: DAMNATIONLAND
Oct. 21: Nerdcore Music Tour
Oct. 22: A Steampunk Affair 2011

Oct. 3: Science on Screen: The Little Shop of Horrors
Oct. 8-10, 15-16, 22-23: King Richard’s Faire
Oct. 10: Actor Appearance: Kane Hodder
Oct. 14: Actor Appearance: Bill Johnson
Oct. 14-16: Rock and Shock
Oct. 15: Boston Book Festival
Oct. 15: Author Appearance: RA Salvatore
Oct. 15: Actor Appearance: Bill Johnson
Oct. 16: Author Appearance: Erin Morgenstern
Oct. 19-21, 27-28, 30: The Big Broadcast of 1954 (NOTE: The October 26th performance has been cancelled.)
Oct. 21-23: Actor Appearance: Doug Bradley
Oct. 22: Author Appearance: Lesley Bannatyne and Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Oct. 27: Nerdcore Music Tour
Oct. 29: Coolidge Corner Theatre Halloween Horror Movie Marathon
Oct. 31: Author Appearance: Rosemary Ellen Guiley

New Hampshire:
Oct. 14-16: Another Anime Convention
Oct. 30: Saturday Fright Special Spooktacular VI

Rhode Island:
Oct. 15: Star Wars Party with Author Ryder Windham
Oct. 20-23: Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival
Oct. 21-23: The Browncoat Ball

Oct. 20-23: Bakuretsu Con 2011
Oct. 22: Nerdcore Music Tour

New York:
Oct. 13-16: New York Comic Con and Anime Festival 2011

Albacon 2011 Has Been Cancelled

Albacon, previously scheduled for the weekend of October 21-23 in Albany, NY, has been cancelled. According to a statement on the website at

For multiple reasons, the Albacon 2011 convention has been cancelled. The Albacon Committee and LASTSFA apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. A letter from the President of LASTSFA is available on the Albacon website. Paid registrations that we have in-hand will either be returned or transferred to 2012 as per the registrant’s preference. Albacon 2012 is still on schedule and we hope you will join us for it.

[Tips from James of RISFC and Mary]

Albacon 2011 CANCELLED

UPDATE: Albacon has been cancelled. A statement from the convention is available at

Albacon is a fan-run science fiction convention which will be held in Albany, NY the weekend of October 21-23, 2011. The guests of honor will be Jackie Kessler, Stephen Hickman, and Keith DeCandido. Visit to learn more.

New York Comic Con and Anime Festival 2011

The combined New York Comic Con and New York Anime Festival will arrive at the Javits Center in New York October 13th-16th, 2011. One ticket gets you into both events. To see the guest list and other details visit (see also to learn specifically about the Anime Festival).

[Tip via Con News.]

What’s Coming Up in May

Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day everywhere! Stop by your favorite local comic book store to see if they are participating.

Also, May 25th is Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams.

Apr 30–May 1, May 6–8, May 14–15, May 21–22: Robin Hood Springtime Festival
May 1: New Haven Comic and Collectibles Spectacular
May 14-15: Creation Twilight Convention

May 13-15: Huzzah! Historical Wargaming Convention
May 22: Maine Comics Arts Festival

April 30–May 1: Boston Comic Con 2011
May 1: UMass Community Renaissance Festival
May 6-8: International Steampunk City
May 7: Star Wars: Attack of the Authors
May 21: Star Wars Day at the Higgins Armory Museum
May 21: Naked Girls Reading: Fang Fiction
May 23: Author Appearance: SJ Chambers
May 24: Author Appearance: China Miéville

New Hampshire:
April 28–May 1: Aeternitas 2011
May 14-15, May 21–22: New Hampshire Renaissance Faire
May 15: Granite State Comicon
May 25: Author Appearance: China Miéville

Rhode Island
May 7: Star Wars: Attack of the Authors

New Jersey:
Apr 29–May 2: Costume-Con
May 20-22: Steampunk World’s Fair

New York:
May 21-22: Big Apple Comic Con ‘Spring Edition’

Big Apple Comic Con ‘Spring Edition’

Big Apple Comic Con brings its ‘Spring Edition’ event to New York city May 21-22. Guests include James Marsters, Morena Baccarin, Tom Felton, and many comics writers and artists. All the details are at

What’s Coming Up in April

Here’s what’s on the calendar so far for April:

April 23, 24, and 30: Robin Hood Springtime Festival

April 28: Author Appearance: Catherynne M. Valente

April 1: BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Video Game Orchestra
April 16: Author Appearance: Catherynne M. Valente
April 22-24: Anime Boston
April 30-May 1: Boston Comic Con 2011

New Hampshire:
April 8: Final Admission Deadline for Odyssey Writing Workshop
April 9-10: EconoCon 14
April 28–May 1: Aeternitas 2011 (Harry Potter convention)

New Jersey:
April 29-May 2: Costume-Con

New York:
April 15-17: I-Con

Tolkien Reading Day

March 25th is the annual “Tolkien Reading Day”; this date was selected because in the Lord of the Rings books it’s the day on which Sauron’s downfall finally arrives. Learn more at

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