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What’s Coming Up in May

This is my blog, so I’m going to give an extra special plug to the New England Steampunk Festival on May 1st, at which I will be giving a talk on “Steampunk Propmaking for Beginners” and otherwise wandering around with an airship strapped to my back. Please come support the Charles River Museum of Industry as it recovers from recent flooding.

May 1st is also Free Comic Book Day! Check with your nearest comic book shop to find out if they’ve got any big events planned. Here is a list of FCBD events in New England that have crossed my radar; this is absolutely not a complete list:

Comicopia, Boston, MA: writers Nichol Ashworth and Kevin Church and artist Ming Doyle (via Bostonist)
Larry’s Comics, Lowell, MA: artists Adam Miller, Charles Wilson III, and Tyler James (via Convention Scene)
That’s Entertainment, Worcester, MA: artists Mark McKenna, Bob Almond, Eric Merced and Mark Marderosian (via Convention Scene)
New England Comics, multiple locations, MA: there will be different guests at each location, so check the website (via Convention Scene)
Double Midnight Comics, Manchester, NH: artists Sara Richard, Dan Larson and Jeremy McHugh (via Convention Scene)
Jetpack Comics, Rochester, NH: they make a big party out of it and will have many guests and activities

Oh, and there’s some other stuff happening too:

May 15: ComiCONN

May 23: Maine Comics Arts Festival

April 28–May 2: Improv Boston’s Geek Week (comedy)
April 30-May 1: ROFLCon (Internet meme convention)
May 2: Author Leah Cypess
May 2: UMass Renaissance Festival
May 8: Karaokon (anime/karaoke event)
May 22: Spring Anime Kaiju Experience (anime con)
May 27: A Night with Julia Jones (“Twilight”)

New Hampshire:
May 15–16 and 22–23: New Hampshire Renaissance Faire
May 23: Granite State Comicon

New Jersey:
May 14–16: Steampunk World’s Fair

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Every year, the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day, when participating comic book stores will offer free comic books to all visitors. This year Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 1st, and some stores will be making a big party out of it. Check with your local comic book store to see what their plans are. For general information visit; the site has a comic book store locator.

Steampunk World’s Fair

The Steampunk World’s Fair is an all-steampunk convention taking place May 14th-16th, 2010 in Piscataway, NJ. Here’s what they have planned:

Welcome to a three-day expedition into yesterday’s future! (And no, that doesn’t mean the present!) SPWF is the first East Coast event to welcome Steampunks, Neo-Victorians, Retro-futurists, Gas Lamp Fantasists, and any and all others who consider themselves part of steampunk into a weekend long festival celebrating all things steamy!

An interactive and social event for people of all levels of steampunk know-how (yes, even you sitting in the corner of the internet, not sure you know what steampunk is or if you even like it) to communicate, dance, exchange, and explore. Here, you will find representation of the art, culture, fashion, technology, history, gaming, and music of this fascinating and scintillating subculture and genre.

Visit for more information.

Creation’s “Twilight” and “Star Trek” Shows

Pop culture company Creation Entertainment is operating a series of “Twilight” and “Star Trek” shows across the U.S. None of them are coming to New England, but a couple are coming to Parsippany, NJ, which is a bit west of New York City.

A “Star Trek” show will be held July 31-August 2; the guest list includes Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew, Connor Trinneer, Robert O’Reilly, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, and Suzie Plakson. For information visit

A “Twilight”-themed event will take place August 28-30 and features actors Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Freene, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke, Michael Welch, and Peter Facinelli. For information visit

[Tip from Con-News]

Upcoming Science Fiction Conventions

To kickstart the calendar, I’ve picked up the convention list kindly offered to us by the Rhode Island Science Fiction Club at Thanks, James!

This list takes us through the end of 2008. The topic in parentheses is my best guess based on what the websites say, but of course there’s plenty of activities at each convention. If you go to the calendar you’ll find that I’ve quoted a brief description of each convention in the entries. Visit the convention websites for full details.

New York Anime Festival (anime)
September 26-28, New York City, NY

Boston Comic Book Show (comics)
September 28, Boston, MA

Providence Anime Conference (anime)
October 3-5, Providence, RI

Albacon (general interest)
October 10-12, Albany, NY

FurFright (anthropomorphic)
October 17-19, Waterbury, CT

AnotherAnimeCon (anime)
October 17-19, Nashua, NH

BakuretsuCon (anime)
October 23-26, Colchester, VT

Chiller Theater (general interest)
October 24-26, Parsippany, NJ

Boston Comic Con (comics)
November 2, Boston, MA

Big Apple Con (general interest)
Nov 14-16, New York City, NY

New England Fan Experience (general interest)
November 21-23, Cambridge, MA

AnonyCon (gaming)
December 12-14, Stamford, CT

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