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Bing-Con 2014

Bing-Con is “A comic book, artist, writer, sci-fi, cosplay celebration” being held at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, MA on August 23rd. See for details.

[Tip from James of The Rhode Island Science Fiction Club]

BangPop! Comic Con 2014

The BangPop! Comic & Pop Culture Convention will be held in Bangor, ME September 20th-21st.

BangPop! Comic Con brings a vibrant weekend of panel discussions, educator workshops, gaming, cosplay, and anime & movie screenings, and a great display of creative talent with professional authors and artists. Our Artist Alley showcases amazing work by creators from Maine, New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Vendors and Special Guests are on hand all weekend to sate your desire for comics, books, art and more. It’s a chance to meet your favorite artists, illustrators, and writers – see their work, hear them speak and catch up on the newest talk of the comicsphere.

Visit for more information.

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Mythcon 2014

Mythcon 45 is the scholarly conference of the Mythopoeic Society at Wheaton College in Norton, MA, happening August 8th-11th. This year’s guests are author Ursula Vernon and Tolkien scholar Richard C. West.

Fantasy literature does not fit comfortably into any scheme. Both old and new, traditional and innovative, popular and elite, mainstream and esoteric, escapist and engaged, high-tech and anti-technology, fantasy defies definitions and transcends categories, dramatizing the incompleteness of our understanding of our own imaginations. At Mythcon 45 we will discuss the place of fantasy in our culture, our institutions, and our hearts.

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CaptainCon 2014

CaptainCon is a gaming convention with a focus on tabletop miniatures games, board games, and card games that will be held in Taunton, MA the weekend of July 25th-27th.

We feature around-the-clock gaming (literally, 24-hour access to the convention space including tournaments that start at midnight) with a mix of competitive organized play and casual gaming. Our signature Captain’s Log system rewards attendees for participating in events with points that they can use for prizes in our Treasure Chest of game products – players earn points for playing in tournaments, enjoying a pickup game with new friends using something from our board game library, or even just spending time in our hobby area painting their miniatures.

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[Tip via Paul of the New England Privateers]

Connecticut ComiCONN 2014

Connecticut ComiCONN is a comic book, sci-fi, and collectible show being held in Bridgeport, CT on August 15th-17th. There will be multiple artist and actor guests, including guests of honor George Perez and David Finch, plus vendors, costume contests, and more. For details visit

Rhode Island Comic Con 2014

Rhode Island Comic Con will take place in Providence, RI the weekend of November 1-2. It features many comics artists and pop culture guests, including Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner of Star Trek, John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings, Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead, and Mark Sheppard of just about everything. There are many more guests coming; find the complete list of guests and activities at

JiffyCon West 2014

JiffyCon is a one-day mini role-playing convention next being held in Amherst, MA on June 21st.

JiffyCon is a one day mini role-playing convention held in Massachusetts (sometimes eastern MA, sometimes western MA). Focusing on small-press, independently published and story-oriented games, JiffyCon is a whole day devoted to nothing but having fun playing games!

Snacks and beverages will be provided. Local game designers and authors will be on hand to run and play their games.

Visit to learn more.

Granite State Comicon 2014

The Granite State Comicon returns to Manchester, NH September 13th and 14th, featuring artists, voice actors, dealers, gaming, contests and much more. Visit for details.

[Tip from Jessa of Good to be a Geek]

Special Edition: NYC

Special Edition: NYC is a new comic book convention being held in New York City June 14-15:

Celebrate your love of comic books, cartooning, illustration and the graphic arts at Special Edition: NYC, a new comic book festival held annually in the birthplace of comics – New York City! From rising stars to living legends, Special Edition: NYC is the place to meet your favorite comic book heroes and get exclusive access to special guests from the pages of mainstream, alternative, indie, international and web comics. At Special Edition: NYC you will have the opportunity to collect the latest comics, buy the hard to find back issues and add original art to your collection. Special Edition: NYC is a pure celebration of comic book culture created specifically for die-hard comic book fans, creators and publishers!

Special Edition: NYC is an intimate event that is focused solely on the art, creation and culture of comic books. Special Edition: NYC is located in Javits Center North and will feature comic book creators, dealers and a limited number of panel discussions.

Special Edition: NYC is an event where Fans can meet their favorite comic book creators in an intimate environment. Special Edition: NYC is organized by ReedPOP, the creators of New York Comic Con, however this is a completely unique event and not meant to be a mini New York Comic Con.

Learn more at

[Tip from Jessa of Good to be a Geek]

The ROCK Comic Expo

The ROCK Comic Expo is a comic book and pop culture event happening May 10th in Salem, NH. There will be comics artists, games, a cosplay contest, and more. Visit to learn more.

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