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Massive List of Local Halloween Events

The Boston Events Insider website has compiled a huge list of Halloween events, haunted houses, parades, childrens’ events, and more. I’ll just send you over to to check it out.

What’s Happening in September

Oh dear, oh dear. It seems that the supermassive space/time anomaly known as Dragon*Con has thrown off my chrono-navigation unit, causing me to return home a few days into the month of September. So sorry to be late with the monthly roundup (but of course you can always check the calendar on the main website to see what’s going on).

September also marks the beginning of Year 4 for New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events! Let’s see what’s still left to do and see this month.

Sept. 19: Arr, this be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Sept. 24-25: Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Sept. 10: Fort Knox Medieval Tournament 2011

Sept. 9, 13: Author Appearance: Terry Brooks
Sept. 9: Author Appearance: Joe Haldeman
Sept. 10-11, 17-18, 24-25: King Richard’s Faire
Sept. 11: Author Appearance: R.A. Salvatore
Sept. 16-18: The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
Sept. 17: JiffyCon Greenfield
Sept. 19-25: Muppets, Music & Magic: Jim Henson’s Legacy
Sept. 24: Creature Double Feature Round Up 2
Sept. 24: Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo 2011
Sept. 24-25: Salem Village Renaissance Days
Sept. 25: Opening day of LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel
Sept. 27: Author Appearance: Neal Stephenson
Sept. 28: Author Appearance: Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis
Sept. 30: Author Appearance: John Lithgow

New Hampshire:
Sept. 10: Author Appearance: Terry Brooks
Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Stratford Renaissance Faire

Rhode Island:
Sept. 28, 29: Archie Comics Literacy Tour

Sept. 11: Author Appearance: Terry Brooks
Sept. 29-Oct. 1: International Comic Arts Forum 2011

What’s Coming Up in August

Oops… how did it get to be August already? Sorry I’m late getting the monthly list compiled! At least there wasn’t anything on the calendar yesterday and today. Here’s what’s coming up the rest of this month:

August 26-28: Pi-Con
August 27: ComiCONN

August 18-21: KatahdiCon (as far as I can tell, it’s really happening)

August 3: Author Appearance: Jim Butcher
August 4: Author Appearance: William Gibson This event has been cancelled.
August 5-7: Creation Supernatural Convention
August 5-7: Mysterium
August 5-7: Paranormal Research Society Field Trip to Salem
August 11: Author Appearance: Lev Grossman
August 19-21: Creation Twilight Convention
August 20-21: Medieval German Festival 2011

New Hampshire:
August 19-21: Open Gaming Convention

August 27: Fall-loha Game Day

August 12-14: Otakuthon

Benefit Art Auction Cancelled

This event was cancelled.

What’s Coming Up in July

Happy Independence Day! May your barbecues be un-invaded by aliens.

Here’s what’s on the calendar so far for July:

July 2: Summer Wizard Barbecue
July 2-3: Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
July 8-10: Connecticon

July 16: Fort Knox Pirate Festival
July 23-24: Paranormal/Psychic Faire 2011

July 2: Zombie Survival Training
July 6: Advance Screening of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”
July 6: Author Appearance: Leah Clifford, Courtney Allison Moulton, and Lisa Desrochers
July 7: Author Appearance: Nancy Holder
July 12: Author Appearance: George R.R. Martin
July 13: Author Appearance: Dawn Metcalf
July 14: Author Appearance: Contributors to “Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy”
July 14–17: Readercon 22
July 15-17: Creation Star Trek Convention
July 23-24: Abbadia Mare Festival
July 28, 29: “Harry and the Potters” Concert

Rhode Island:
July 8-9: My Little Pony Fair and Convention
July 21-24: Northeastern Writers’ Conference (Camp Necon)
July 23: Can’t Stop the Serenity

July 30-31: SciFi July Movie Marathon

Zombie Kickball VI

Portland, ME’s annual Zombie Kickball game returns at on Sunday, June 26th! The undead will lurch around the field from noon to 4:00pm. has all the gory details.

What’s Coming Up in June

It’s summertime! Here’s what’s on the calendar for June so far:

Multiple Locations:
June 14, 21, and 28: The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Showings

June 18-19, 25-26: Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

June 23-26: PortConMaine

June 3: Last day of the “Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey” exhibit
June 10: Artist Appearance: Mark McKenna
June 10-12: Hooked on Who
June 11-12, 18-19: Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival
June 15: Drink n’ Draw with Jason Ciaramella
June 25-26: Winslowshire Renaissance Festival
June 25: Can’t Stop The Serenity

New Hampshire:
June 22: Author Appearance: Neil Gaiman

June 18: Summer Game ‘n Grill

What’s Coming Up in May

Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day everywhere! Stop by your favorite local comic book store to see if they are participating.

Also, May 25th is Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams.

Apr 30–May 1, May 6–8, May 14–15, May 21–22: Robin Hood Springtime Festival
May 1: New Haven Comic and Collectibles Spectacular
May 14-15: Creation Twilight Convention

May 13-15: Huzzah! Historical Wargaming Convention
May 22: Maine Comics Arts Festival

April 30–May 1: Boston Comic Con 2011
May 1: UMass Community Renaissance Festival
May 6-8: International Steampunk City
May 7: Star Wars: Attack of the Authors
May 21: Star Wars Day at the Higgins Armory Museum
May 21: Naked Girls Reading: Fang Fiction
May 23: Author Appearance: SJ Chambers
May 24: Author Appearance: China Miéville

New Hampshire:
April 28–May 1: Aeternitas 2011
May 14-15, May 21–22: New Hampshire Renaissance Faire
May 15: Granite State Comicon
May 25: Author Appearance: China Miéville

Rhode Island
May 7: Star Wars: Attack of the Authors

New Jersey:
Apr 29–May 2: Costume-Con
May 20-22: Steampunk World’s Fair

New York:
May 21-22: Big Apple Comic Con ‘Spring Edition’

What’s Coming Up in February

I like Star Wars as much as anyone, but I’m really tired of Mother Nature’s current obsession with cosplaying as the ice planet Hoth. Think melty thoughts, everyone!

Here’s what’s on the calendar so far for February:

Feb. 5: Author Appearance: Kristen Britain

Feb. 9: Opening Date for “Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey”
Feb. 9: Author Appearance: Jon Merz
Feb. 11-21: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon 36
Feb. 12: Nemo’s Steampunk Art & Invention Gallery–Opening Night
Feb. 18-20: Boskone
Feb. 22: Author Appearance: Elizabeth Bear
Feb. 24-27: Total Confusion 25

New Hampshire
Feb. 3: Author Appearance: Jon Merz
Feb. 19: Queen City Kamikaze

Rhode Island
Feb. 4-6: TempleCon

Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey

The Boston Athenæum in Boston, MA will exhibit “Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey” from February 9th through June 3rd, 2011:

Carnivorous plants, falling masonry, and uninvited guests fill the imaginary world of artist and author Edward Gorey. His stories and accompanying illustrations maintain a delicate balance between the hilarious and the horrific.

Gorey’s voracious consumption of literature, his love of the ballet, and his off beat and wry view of the world resulted in a sardonic and witty oeuvre. This exhibition explores the diversity of Gorey’s art through original pen and ink illustrations, preparatory sketches, unpublished drawings, and ephemera. Drawn from the holdings of the Gorey Charitable Trust, the exhibition comprises approximately 180 objects, including selections from The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Unstrung Harp, The Gilded Bat, and other well-known Gorey publications.

Visit for more details.

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