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CANCELLED: Air City Expedition 2014

The steampunk event “Air City Expedition“, previously scheduled for April 11-13, has been cancelled. A letter of explanation has been posted to

ADMIN: New Subscription Option – Tumblr!

If you like, you can now now subscribe to New England Science Fiction and Fantasy Events via Tumblr! Follow

ADMIN: Unauthorized Links in the Feeds, Subscription Changes

If you get the daily digest email or read via an RSS reader or LiveJournal, you may have noticed the occasional spam link included in the post. It’s been driving me nuts because the spam links are sneaky little things — they aren’t in the code of the post itself, but instead are getting inserted only in the RSS feed. Therefore you don’t see the spam when you look at the main website, but it does show up in the email digest and on the LiveJournal feeds.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of the problem but it’s going to take some digging around to figure out what’s going on. The spammers have MUCH more experience at hacking code than I do at un-hacking it! Worst case scenario, at least this isn’t the kind of blog where preserving the archive of old posts is important; if I had to nuke the whole thing and start over I would only need to preserve information on upcoming events.

FYI, for you email subscribers, I am looking into alternatives to Feedburner. Google owns it but hasn’t really been maintaining or updating it, and I fear it will go the way of Google Reader. If I find an emailing service that I like better, I will try to import the existing email subscriber list so that you don’t have to do anything. So if one of these days the digest starts looking different, now you know why.

If you can see a spam link below, I didn’t put it there! 🙁

Storm Reschedulings for February 9th

Three events that were originally due to happen today, February 9th, have been rescheduled due to the snowstorm.

Also, Martians & Martinis: A Sci Fi Film Series is cancelled and will be rescheduled.

What’s Coming Up in August

Oh look! I managed to get the monthly update out before the month started! Amazing!

But before I start, a question for my audience. I’ve got a few events happening in 2013 that I know about already. Should I go ahead and add them to the calendar now? I keep thinking that if I list them now, people will forget by the time the events happen, but maybe I’m wrong and you’d like as much advance notice as possible. It’s best to leave comments on the original post, as I may not see comments on Facebook or Livejournal.

On to August!

August 17-19: Pi-Con 2012
August 18: ComiCONN 2012

August 1: Author Appearance: Charles Yu
August 2: Author Appearance: Dave Zeltserman
August 21: Author Appearance: Terry Brooks
August 23: Author Appearance: Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer

New Hampshire:
August 11: Spooktacular VII
August 18-19, 25-26: Waterville Valley Renaissance Faire 2012

What’s Coming Up in July

Hello folks! Here’s what’s currently on the calendar for the month of July.

July 23 at theaters in MA, CT, NH, and RI: Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th Anniversary Event

July 7-8: Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
July 13-15: ConnectiCon 2012

July 3: Author Appearance: Erin Morgenstern
July 12-15: Readercon 23
July 21: Author Appearance: Anne E. Johnson
July 21: 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!
July 21-22: Abbadia Mare Festival 2012

Rhode Island:
July 11: 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!

What’s Happening in April

Hello, fools! Have you decided which of ThinkGeek’s fake April Fools products you would dearly love to buy?

Here’s what you can really do this month:

April 28-29: Quinni-Con 2012

April 5: Author Appearance: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

April 6-8: Anime Boston 2012
April 6-8: PAX East 2012
April 13-15: Imagination 101 Writing Workshop
April 15: “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” With Morgan Spurlock
April 16: Artist Appearance: Norman Lee
April 20: Artist Appearance: Paolo Rivera and Stephane Roux
April 21: Southcoast Paranormal and Psychic Faire
April 21-22: Boston Comic Con 2012
April 25: The Big Thrill: A Night with Thriller Writers
April 28: JiffyCon Game Day

New Hampshire:
April 14-15: EconoCon 15

April 21: Spring Meltdown 2012

What’s Coming Up in March

Oops, March got started without me. Still there’s lots left to do!

Remember that March 14th, 3.14, will be Pi Day! Be sure to have some tasty pi! Any kind of pi is fine — pizza pi, apple pi, whatever pi you like. Mmmm, &#960.

March 16-18: ConnCon 2012
March 31: MythBusters Live Tour

March 2-4: Intercon
March 4: Lord of the Rings Marathon
March 4: “Heroes in Our Midst” Comics Artists
March 5: Actor Appearance: Viggo Mortensen
March 15: Author Appearance: Caitlin R. Kiernan
March 16-18: Vericon 2012
March 16: Opening date of “Futurity: A Musical by The Lisps”
March 17: Author Appearance: Jennifer Pelland
March 18: Artist Appearance: Paul Ryan
March 22: Author Appearance: Amanda Downum
March 30: Author Appearance: Tobias Buckell and Myke Cole
March 30-April 1: ConBust 2012

March 24: Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair

New York:
March 30-April 1: I-CON 31

What’s Coming Up in February

What bizarro alternate universe have we entered in which one can walk around comfortably in a light jacket in New England in fracking JANUARY? Where is the snow? The universe has gone wrong somehow.

In better news, geeky things are on the way! Here’s what’s on the schedule so far for February.

Feb 4: Artist Apperance: Andy Kubert

Feb 4: Unity Games 18
Feb 4: Author Appearance: Joe Mulvey
Feb 10-20: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon
Feb 11-12: JiffyCon Live-Action Game Weekend
Feb 17-19: Boskone 2012
Feb 23-26: TotalCon 2012
Feb 23: Author Appearance: Kim Harrison
Feb 26: Author Appearance: James Kakalios

New Hampshire
Feb 18: Queen City Kamikaze 2012

Rhode Island
Feb 3-5: TempleCon

What’s Coming Up in December

As usual, there’s not a heck of a lot going on in December geek-wise, but I do have a few events on the calendar.

Dec. 2-4: AnonyCon 2011
Dec. 8: Author Appearance: Jane Yolen

Dec. 2: Artist Appearance: Rebecca Guay

Dec. 3: Artist Appearance: Ming Doyle
Dec. 11: Music from Thundercats
Dec. 12: Science on Screen: 12 Monkeys

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