Artist Appearance: Paul Hornschemeier, Charles Forsman, and Jesse Lonergan

Comics artists Paul Hornschemeier, Charles Forsman, and Jesse Lonergan will be signing at Hub Comics in Somerville, MA on March 29th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Learn more at

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Super Robots Giant Monsters

“Super Robots Giant Monsters” is a free toy show and art exhibit that will take place March 29th in Lowell, MA. Learn more at

Out of this World with Leonard Nimoy

The Boston Pops will present “Out of this World with Leonard Nimoy” on May 23rd and 24th, a show featuring science fiction music hosted by Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy:

Guest conductor Sarah Hicks, Principal Pops Conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, makes her Boston Pops debut leading an “out of this world” program featuring music inspired by outer space, hosted by the legendary original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. Music will including Holst’s The Planets (performed alongside a NASA film), the theme from Star Trek, the classical works (Also Sprach Zarathustra and Blue Danube Waltz) popularized in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and John Williams’s intergalactic music from Star Wars, E.T., and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Get tickets at

CANCELLED: Air City Expedition 2014

The steampunk event “Air City Expedition“, previously scheduled for April 11-13, has been cancelled. A letter of explanation has been posted to

Maine Comics Arts Festival 2014

The Maine Comics Arts Festival will be held on May 18th in Portland, ME.

Since 2009, MeCAF has been Portland’s annual showcase for comic arts bringing creators to the public. Unlike a typical comic convention, there are no dealers and stores set up, just writers, artists and publishers.

We will have over 100 comic writers and artists on hand for this event. There will be everyone from mini comics publishers to seasoned professionals. There will be comic book writers and artists, gag cartoonists, newspaper cartoonists, web comics creators and more. The guests will have their own work available for sale. Some people will be doing sketches and selling original artwork. Others will have t-shirts, buttons and posters. All of them have one thing in common… a love of comics.

You can find out more at

Pop Culture Conference 2014: American Horror

The College of St. Joseph in Rutland, VT, is hosting its Third Annual Popular Culture Conference, “American Horror from the Great Depression to the Great Recession.” On April 11th there will be a meet-and-greet dinner; on the 12th there will be three panel sessions discussing various aspects of the horror genre. For complete conference information visit

Pi Day!

Friday March 14th is Pi Day! 3.14! Celebrate your love of math and have some 𝜋! Apple 𝜋, pizza 𝜋, shoofly 𝜋, whatever you like.

ConnectiCon 2014

ConnectiCon is a multi-genre convention held in Hartford, CT the weekend of July 10-13. There will be guests, gaming, cosplay, vendors, artists, and more. Get the details at

In-CON-Ceivable 2014

In-CON-Ceivable is a new fan-run science fiction/fantasy/geek convention being held in Northampton, MA the weekend of August 15-17. There will be panels, costuming, dances, games, vendors, musicians, authors, Star Trek actor J. G. Hertzler, and a Vampire Santa Claus. Visit the event website at to learn more.

ConnCon 2014

ConnCon, a gaming convention, will take place March 14th-16th in Stamford, CT. The event includes board games, card games, roleplaying games, and miniatures. See for more details.

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